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    Density (px/mm²)
FILMSuper 35 mm 4-perf24.90x18.701.33:131.14-1.00-
ARRIALEXA SXT / XT / Mini28.25x18.171.55:133.593424 x 22020.9314,689


Dimensions (mm)
Aspect Ratio
Diagonal (mm)
Resolution (px)
    Crop Factor (S35)
    Density (px/mm²)
Standard 8 mm 1-perf4.50x3.301.36:15.58-5.58-
Super 8 mm 1-perf5.79x4.011.44:17.04-4.42-
Super 8 mm 1-perf ext. gate6.30x4.201.50:17.57-4.11-
UltraPan 8 double-perf10.52x3.752.81:111.17-2.79-
Standard 16 mm double-perf10.26x7.491.37:112.70-2.45-
Super 16 mm single-perf12.42x7.441.67:114.48-2.15-
Ultra 16 mm single-perf11.66x6.151.90:113.18-2.36-
Academy 35 mm 4-perf20.96x15.241.38:125.91-1.20-
Super 35 mm 2-perf24.90x9.352.66:126.60-1.17-
Super 35 mm 3-perf24.90x13.901.79:128.52-1.09-
Super 35 mm 4-perf24.90x18.701.33:131.14-1.00-
35 mm Full Frame 8-perf36.00x24.001.50:143.27-0.72-
Vistavision 35mm 8-perf37.70x25.201.50:145.35-0.69-
Standard 65 mm 5-perf52.63x23.012.29:157.44-0.54-
IMAX 70mm 15-perf70.41x52.631.34:187.91-0.35-
9x729.90x22.401.33:137.369344 x 70000.8397,659
RovoCam6.13x3.451.78:17.033840 x 21604.43392,411
Cion22.50x11.901.89:125.454096 x 21601.2233,043
iPhone 12 Pro Max (Photo)5.64x4.231.33:17.064032 x 30244.41510,349
iPhone 12 Pro Max (Video, UHD)5.13x2.891.78:15.893840 x 21605.29559,186
iPhone 12 Pro Max (Video, HD)4.92x2.771.78:15.641920 x 10805.52152,257
Arriflex D-20 / D-2123.76x17.821.33:129.702880 x 21601.0514,692
AMIRA / Live26.40x14.851.78:130.293200 x 18001.0314,692
ALEXA Classic (4:3)23.66x17.751.33:129.582868 x 21521.0514,696
ALEXA Classic (16:9)23.76x13.371.78:127.262880 x 16201.1414,687
ALEXA SXT / XT / Mini28.25x18.171.55:133.593424 x 22020.9314,689
ALEXA LF / Mini LF36.70x25.541.44:144.714448 x 30960.7014,692
ALEXA 6554.12x25.582.12:159.866560 x 31000.5214,690
BOSMA G1 8K18.84x10.601.78:121.627680 x 43201.44166,134
AB-4831 / AB-481524.58x13.821.78:128.207680 x 43201.1097,656
AB-4830 + AC-482924.58x13.821.78:128.207680 x 43201.1097,656
Studio Camera12.48x7.021.78:114.321920 x 10802.1723,669
Studio Camera 4K13.06x7.341.78:114.983840 x 21602.0886,505
Studio Camera 4K Pro / Plus17.78x10.001.78:120.403840 x 21601.5346,650
Micro Studio Camera 4K13.06x7.341.78:114.983840 x 21602.0886,505
Cinema Camera15.81x8.881.78:118.132400 x 13501.7223,078
Micro Cinema Camera12.48x7.021.78:114.321920 x 10802.1723,669
Pocket Cinema Camera12.48x7.021.78:114.321920 x 10802.1723,669
Pocket Cinema Camera 4K18.96x10.001.90:121.444096 x 21601.4546,663
Pocket Cinema Camera 6K / Pro23.10x12.991.78:126.506144 x 34561.1870,763
URSA Broadcast13.06x7.341.78:114.983840 x 21602.0886,505
URSA Broadcast G223.10x12.991.78:126.506144 x 34561.1870,763
URSA Mini 4K22.00x11.881.85:125.004000 x 21601.2533,058
URSA 4.6K25.34x14.251.78:129.074608 x 25921.0733,077
URSA Mini 4.6K / Pro 4.6K / G225.34x14.251.78:129.074608 x 25921.0733,077
URSA Mini Pro 12K27.03x14.251.90:130.5612288 x 64801.02206,726
Rebel T8i / EOS 850D (Photo)22.30x14.901.50:126.826000 x 40001.1672,230
Rebel T8i / EOS 850D (Video)18.31x10.301.78:121.013840 x 21601.4843,988
EOS C100 / Mark II24.60x13.801.78:128.211920 x 10801.106,108
EOS C300 Mark III26.20x13.801.90:129.614096 x 21601.0524,470
EOS C500 Mark II38.10x20.101.90:143.085952 x 31400.7224,405
EOS C7026.20x13.801.90:129.614096 x 21601.0524,470
EOS C700 (4.5K Codex Capture)28.90x15.201.90:132.654512 x 23760.9524,405
EOS C700 GS (4.2K Codex Capture)27.30x15.201.80:131.254272 x 23761.0024,461
EOS C700 / GS (4K)26.20x13.801.90:129.614096 x 21601.0524,470
EOS C700 FF38.10x20.101.90:143.085952 x 31400.7224,405
Digital Bolex D16 (Open Gate, no rec)12.85x9.641.33:116.062336 x 17521.9433,039
Digital Bolex D16 (Internal rec)11.27x6.341.78:112.932048 x 11522.4133,039
TERRA19.50x13.001.50:123.444096 x 27001.3343,626
MAVO24.00x16.001.50:128.846016 x 39841.0862,416
MAVO LF36.00x24.001.50:143.276016 x 39840.7227,740
MAVO Edge36.00x24.001.50:143.278192 x 52880.7250,138
LUMIX S1H / BS1H (Photo)35.60x23.801.50:142.826000 x 40000.7328,326
LUMIX S1H / BS1H (Video)35.32x23.611.50:142.485952 x 39680.7328,326
LUMIX BGH1 (DCI)19.00x10.181.87:121.564096 x 21601.4445,742
LUMIX BGH1 (4:3)17.70x13.001.36:121.963328 x 24961.4236,100
AU-EVA124.60x12.971.90:127.815720 x 30161.1254,069
VariCam 35 / LT24.58x12.961.90:127.784096 x 21601.1227,778
Genesis23.62x13.281.78:127.105760 x 21601.1539,648
Millennium DXL / DXL240.96x21.601.90:146.318192 x 43200.6740,000
v2640 ONYX27.60x26.301.05:138.122048 x 19520.825,507
Flex4K / GS27.60x15.501.78:131.654096 x 23040.9822,060
VEO4K 590 / 990 / -PL27.60x15.501.78:131.654096 x 23040.9822,060
MYSTERIUM-X 4.5K (RED ONE)24.19x12.441.94:127.204480 x 23041.1434,301
MYSTERIUM-X 5K27.65x14.581.90:131.265120 x 27001.0034,291
DRAGON 6K / DRAGON-X 6K S3530.70x15.801.94:134.536144 x 31600.9040,026
KOMODO 6K S3527.03x14.261.90:130.566144 x 32401.0251,645
GEMINI 5K S3530.72x18.001.71:135.615120 x 30000.8727,778
HELIUM 8K S3529.90x15.771.90:133.808192 x 43200.9275,053
DRAGON/MONSTRO/V-RAPTOR 8K VV40.96x21.601.90:146.318192 x 43200.6740,000
A7S III (Photo)35.60x23.801.50:142.824240 x 28320.7314,172
PXW-FX935.70x18.801.90:140.356008 x 31680.7728,359
CineAlta PMW-F5 / PMW-F5523.76x12.531.90:126.864096 x 21601.1629,726
CineAlta F3524.00x13.501.78:127.545760 x 21601.1338,400
CineAlta F6524.70x13.101.89:127.968192 x 43201.11109,372
VENICE (3:2)35.90x24.001.50:143.186048 x 40320.7228,303
VENICE (1.85:1)36.00x19.401.86:140.896054 x 32720.7628,363
E2 / E2-M419.00x10.001.90:121.474096 x 21601.4546,565
E2G14.13x7.451.90:115.974096 x 21601.9584,046
E2C17.56x13.111.34:121.913840 x 28801.4248,039
E2-S623.40x15.671.49:128.166244 x 41681.1170,975
E2-F637.09x24.751.50:144.596064 x 40400.7026,688
E2-F8 (Open Gate, no rec)35.97x23.981.50:143.238192 x 54620.7251,874
E2-F8 (8K 2.4:1)35.97x15.182.37:139.048192 x 34560.8051,860
E2-F8 (8K UHD)33.72x18.971.78:138.697680 x 43200.8051,874

"Compare Sensor Sizes" is a free, open source tool to easily compare multiple digital camera sensor sizes, celluloid film formats and lens image circles – graphically as well as in tabular form. Usually all data of sensors and lenses come directly from the respective manufacturers. The database will be continuously extended this way.

In addition to the comparison function and the usability as a trustworthy, sortable database, one of the most useful features is the possibility to check which lenses cover which sensors and to what extent. If a lens does not yet appear in the list, you have the option of specifying an individual image circle in millimeters, which is then displayed.

You can also switch to the real physical sensor sizes in the graphical view, if you specify the size of your screen in inches.

The tool should also bring clarity to diffuse terms like Large Format, Full Format and Full Frame, which do not denote standardized sizes and are used differently depending on the manufacturer.

The value of pixel density – that is the number of photosites per given sensor area – helps to quickly determine which camera will have highest resolutions with a small lens image circle. For example you want to shoot on old 16mm lenses and still expose a 4K sensor area? Then just sort the camera models by "Density" and immediately you will see the most suitable cameras first.

"Compare Sensor Sizes" is optimized for desktop and also usable on mobile. An app might follow if there is demand.

Some lens data comes from Florian Milz' Lens Coverage Tool.

Why does sensor size matter?

Imagine the sensor as a canvas in front of you. The larger the sensor, the larger the angle of view (field of view) for a given focal length and distance to the subject. Therefore to get a desired angle of view, you can move closer to the subject or use a longer focal length compared to a smaller sensor size. Either way this means the depth of field becomes shallower as a result. So with the same angle of view, distance to subject and aperture, you’ll always get shallower depth of field the larger the sensor size.

In addition to that a larger sensor means additional area for more photosites (more pixels) or bigger photosites (brighter pixels) or a bit of both.

Lastly the sensor size determines the set of lenses one can use, if full sensor coverage is desired.